Keystone Improvements Are Coming!

MRIS Keystone: Entering Listings is About to Get Easier

The new Keystone is designed to dramatically improve the time (and clicks) it takes to enter a listing. With a new look, easier navigation and real time mandatory field alerts, you’ll be able to add more listings in less time! Here’s a quick list of the top enhancements:

  • So Long "Save & Continue" – Instead of having to “Save & Continue" each section, you will be able to use the navigation menu on the left of the screen to move through the sections, all of which will be displayed on one page.
  • Easy to See Notifications – New real time red “alerts” identify the location and number of required fields that are missing or incomplete in the listing. You no longer need to submit to the MLS to check if you’re missing any. You’ll know right away!
  • For Those Who Love to "Tab" – Previously unavailable in Keystone, you will be able to use keyboard functionality, including the use of the "Tab" key and other keyboard "shortcuts" for even faster listing input.
  • Set Your System to Auto-Save – Keystone will now have an auto-save feature that can be set to save in intervals from 1 up to 15 minutes, or turned off completely, if desired so you won’t lose your work.

Visit to access New Keystone training videos, classes, user guides and more.

Don’t forget that the internet browser you use can impact the speed of websites you visit including Keystone and Matrix. If you use an older version of Internet Explorer like IE 7 or 8, your systems may be running slower than you realize. Now, you can go to to determine what browser you are using and decide if it’s time to upgrade!

List more, sell more, and succeed!

Thanks to Kim Mingo, Client Alliance Manager with MRIS for penning this guest blog! 

List more, sell more, and succeed.  That is the mantra behind MRIS’ products and services.  As a Client Alliance Manager, I have the distinct honor of working with our subscribers at office meetings, trainings, and association events.  I am thankful for the opportunity to meet many of you face to face and am always pleased when I am able to impart some useful information.  For this reason, I am offering this blog article.  Many of our subscribers are not aware of the value of their MRIS subscription.  In addition to our stellar customer support team in Rockville, your subscription includes a variety of tools that allow you to be more efficient.  For instance, how well do you use Matrix?  Did you know that the “Recent” drop down box can eliminate the frustration of having to rerun a search when your internet connection unexpectedly disconnects?  Or that School boundary is now available on any Matrix map and a great tool to identify a neighborhood school.  In Keystone, the homepage includes many features that allow for quick access to listings and edits.  (Spoiler alert!) We also have plans to launch a new Keystone next quarter which will include further efficiencies.  To sign up for free Matrix and Keystone classes, check out our resources at  In addition to Matrix and Keystone, our core products include a syndication service through Listhub, a document manager, MRISFax, Rateplug, RE Technology, and the Short Sale Center – whew!  As if that wasn’t enough, we also recently launched MRISHomes.  This is a dual purpose free app available to MRIS subscribers and their customers.  So as you can see, the value of MRIS extends beyond Matrix.  To see more details on these core products, visit the product page at

Fannie Mae Issues New Lockbox Rule

Supra recently sent the following email to all customers.  If you deal with Fannie Mae listings, please pay special attention to these instructions. 

Fannie Mae has informed its listing brokers and Asset Management Providers (AMPs) that, effective July 1, 2011, “an electronic lockbox must be used if available in [the] area.”

Fannie Mae instructs that the electronic lockbox should be placed in a primary location such as the front door to market a property.

Fannie Mae appraisers, contractors, inspectors and employees will access the property using a mechanical combination lockbox that is placed in a secondary location such as a back or side door. However, Fannie Mae specifically informs its brokers and AMPs that buyer’s agents and buyer’s lenders are not permitted to use the mechanical combination lockbox.

Fannie Mae’s action should increase the use of electronic lockboxes and discourage code sharing. For more information, please refer to Fannie Mae’s FAQs, located here.

MRIS Offers a Great Resource for Your Business

MRIS recently launched a new site with a wealth of information about the local market.  Real Estate Business Intelligence,, is your one-stop shop for statistics searchable by region, county, zip code, or association. 

Ok, you’re thinking, stats are great but what am I going to do with them?  I don’t have time to turn those stats into something pretty. 

No problem!  MRIS has done all of the hard work for you and created graphs, charts, and interactive reports that you can simply copy and paste from the webpage and drop into emails, clients newsletters, your website, a blog, or anything else you use to communicate.  I just used their end-of-year comparisons to put together a packet of information for our local elected officials to give them a glimpse into exactly what’s happening in the market they represent.  So take a look around, I guarantee you’ll find useful information that will help your business.

Popular Questions Concerning Lockboxes

I still have some of the old grey lockboxs will they work with the ActiveKey?

NO. These boxes were discontinued 6 years ago for our association. If any agent has an old grey box on a property, these boxes should be removed before the key conversion. Agents with smart phones and ActiveKeys do not have access to these boxes because they do not have the infared sensors.

Will my blue ibox work with the ActiveKey?

Yes, because they have an infared sensor. The only change at this time is the key used to open them.

If I wish to purchase an ibox(s) will I be able to purchase them at the key exchange?

No.   If agents wish to purchase iboxes they can stop by the office.  Boxes are $99 plus sales tax.