Realtors Property Resource Economic Reports Ideal for Commercial Real Estate

The Realtors Property Resource (RPR) has a great tool for commercial real estate in their Local Area Economic Reports.  The economic report can drill down into a specific geographic area by zip code, county/city designation, or by customized area.  The report includes very detailed demographic information about the population of the area including median income, household wealth, home price, education level, and family size and makeup, just to name a few.  These reports can help with marketing a certain area or assisting a client with assessing business prospects. 

Have a business that targets their product to young families with high income?  An RPR profile can help you show with hard data that the demographic exists right here in Fredericksburg in high numbers.  These reports are free for members and extremely easy to use.  Once generated, the report can be turned into a pdf for easy sharing and embedding in documents and presentations.  Here is an example of what an RPR Economic Report looks like:


Want more information about the RPR and how you can sign up?  Visit the RPR today at

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