Searching for rentals that accept Section 8 housing vouchers

Thanks to MRIS for providing the detailed information below about searching for properties that accept housing vouchers!  Listing agents, to best market your properties and ensure they come up in these searches, be sure to fill out the Rental Special field and select subsidized housing. 

Did you know that there are over 400 Active rental listings within the FAAR area?  So, how can you filter through these to find the ones that will accept Section 8 housing vouchers?  There are two easy ways to search for these unique listings; both will require that you add additional fields to your search template.   

· At the bottom of the searching screen, look for Additional Fields and click on Add to select the additional criteria fields for your search screen

· Highlight the chosen Available Fields

· Click the Add button to place those chosen fields into the Selected Fields box

· Remove Selected Fields by highlighting them and clicking the Remove button

· Your Selected Fields will appear on your custom search screen in the same order from top to bottom as they appear in the Selected Fields box. To adjust the order of your Selected Fields, highlight the field you would like to move and click the Move Up and/or Move Down buttons

· When you are finished, click the Back button to view your customized search screen

Adding the Rental Special field will allow you to select Subsidized Housing and find the listings that are marked as such.  Conducting a key phrase search within the Remarks field (either General or Internet) will also bring up those listings where this has been identified.  Keep in mind that the results will be dependent upon what the listing agent supplies.  Listing agents should make sure to add all of the pertinent information to best market the property.  For more on working with rentals, attend our virtual class entitled Matrix V103: Securing Your Deposit on Rentals.  Sign up for this free training at

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