Fair Housing and IDX Issues

No doubt by now you’ve heard about the Florida real estate agent who had a lawsuit filed against him claiming a Fair Housing violation in one of his listings.  Except it wasn’t his listing, it was another agent’s listing that appeared on his website through an IDX feed.  There never should have been a case, but there was and it apparently dragged on for quite a while.  The case was eventually dismissed, but has caused much, very understandable, concern among realtors everywhere.  To read the original article, click here, and to read the about the case dismissal, click here

NAR has assured realtors that they are NOT responsible for the content of listings that are not theirs displayed on their website through an IDX feed.  Laurie Janik, NAR’s General Counsel, has recorded a podcast explaining an agent’s liabilities that is well worth listening to while you eat lunch or having your morning coffee. 

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