Why should REALTORS® Care about the Fort A.P. Hill Joint Land Use Study?

One word answers the question above:  NOISE.  Yes, noise is the key to why realtors® should care about what happens with this study.  So what is the Fort A.P. Hill Joint Land Use Study?  As the consultant working on the project explains, a JLUS, as it’s called for short, “looks at development within the communities near Fort A.P. Hill and fort operations.  The study will result in recommendations that encourage collaboration and compatibility between the fort and the surrounding communities.”

A series of three public meetings were held this week and the topic of noise came up repeatedly.  New residents moving from out of the area are not aware that their nearest neighbor blows up artillery on a regular basis and that causes noise complaints.  If something about noise is recommended, it will probably be some sort of disclosure at the point-of-sale.  It is important that as this study continues to progress, realtors® take an active role in discussing all possible options on addressing the noise issue.  There will be more public meetings in the future and realtors® selling in Caroline, Spotsylvania, or King George should really be a part of the discussion.

The materials provided at the public meeting included several noise impact maps that plotted complaints and zones of concern.  For a full review of all the materials and noise maps, click here to visit the JLUS page on Caroline County’s website.

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