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This just might be the year that the General Assembly does something on transportation.  We need all of you to take just a few seconds and respond to the Call for Action that came from VAR yesterday to you through email.  There are several plans on the table and we are asking legislators to take those plans as a starting point and craft something that everyone can live with that will generate the necessary dollars for transportation funding.  As you may know, Virginia is expected to RUN OUT of money for transportation in just a few years!  We have been borrowing money that should be used for construction of new projects to maintain existing roads and that model is just not sustainable.  TAKE ACTION TODAY!

Want more information about the plans and VAR‘s position?  Click here to read an article about our support for the Governor’s plan. 

Here is what the Call for Action looks like.  If you didn’t get it, copy the letter into an email to your Senator and Delegate.  You can look up your representatives and find their contact information here

Call for Action: Virginia’s Transportation Crisis

Virginia Realtors®, we need your help. It’s time for the General Assembly to act and fix our transportation crisis.
We all know that transportation is critical for Virginia’s economy. We need roads, bridges, tunnels, buses, and trains to get to school, to get to work, and for goods and customers to move.
For decades, though,  we have faced a transportation funding crisis as the General Assembly has postponed action. It’s time for that to end. We need a sound and reliable transportation infrastructure to continue to attract businesses — and jobs — to Virginia.
Several solid, reasonable plans have been introduced to fund Virginia’s transportation projects — Governor McDonnell’s (supported by Speaker Bill Howell, Delegate Tim Hugo, and Senator Steve Newman), and proposals from senators Dick Saslaw and John Watkins, and from Delegate Dave Albo.
There are clearly options and ideas on the table, so we must make our message to our representatives just as clear: The time is now to pass adequate, sustainable funding for Virginia’s transportation. Find a way to do it.

Contact your state senator and delegate today to encourage them to take action.

Message Subject: REALTORS Need You to Act Now on Transportation

Dear [Decision Maker],

I’m one of more than 28,000 Virginia Realtors®, and I’m writing to tell you that I expect you to act — this year — to create long-term and adequate funding for our state’s transportation projects.
Virginia’s real estate economy depends on safe, reliable transportation. For too long now, the General Assembly has pushed aside the issue of funding for roads, bridges, tunnels, and public transportation. In 2013, I want that to change.

I rely on safe roads for my job, and I know how important those roads are to home buyers and business owners; it’s hard to sell a home with a traffic-jammed commute. It’s hard to sell a commercial space if timely deliveries are in question.

There are several options already on the table to provide Virginia with sustainable, reliable transportation funding. Work with your colleagues across the state and across the aisle — use those plans as a starting point to craft a dedicated transportation funding plan this year.
Our transportation system is woefully underfunded and outdated. That won’t change without your help, and we cannot afford to ignore the problem for yet another year. Act. Act now.

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