Winning at the Short Sale Game, by Knowing the Rules

Here are links to two Freddie Mac training presentations on Short Sale Negotiations. The first link is for a training program for lenders servicing Freddie Mac loans. The second is for “Real Estate Professionals.”

Freddie Mac – Short Payoffs Training

Freddie Mac – Shortsale Training

I think you’ll find it interesting to compare the information provided to servicers to the information given to the real estate community.

I have found it very helpful in better understanding what the short sale negotiator at the lender’s office is thinking, when and why they might put specific conditions on a seller, and what it is generally that the bank considers a positive outcome on a short sale.

2 thoughts on “Winning at the Short Sale Game, by Knowing the Rules

  1. It seems that some RE agents are hooking up with negotiators who do the lender side negotiations, freeing up the agents to do what they do best. Training is key or even connecting with the experienced. I have heard of cases where former loss mitigator types are used to negotiate with the lenders because the learning curve for short sales going alone is steep and brings frustration. Good prospecting.

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