It’s a short year, for new licensee… Virginia’s Post License Requirements

Virginia’s Post License Process Explained

Brokers and new licensee need to be very aware that those licensed after July 2008 must get their 32 hours of renewal within one year.  Thirty hours Post License Credit and two hours of Limited Services.  Almost without fail, I get a series of phone calls in the last few days of each month, from folks who are without all or even any of their CE and PL credits.  We have on going classes at the Association almost every month; but attending the classes and processing the credits require time.  I can almost never help folks in the last few days of the month.  Make sure you have a plan on how you can get your required training, in the required time.  You can check for upcoming classes at and find what hours you currently have or need at DPOR’s License Lookup.  Make sure that if you’re looking for your Post Licensing training hours, you read the entire page and click on the link on the left to get your Post License hours.

Once you’ve gone to DPOR’s License Look up, enter your name or license number and click “Real Estate Individuals”


After pulling up your name, click the “View Continuing Education Hours” link (yes, even if you’re Post Licensing”)

Now, on the left hand side; you’ll see an explanation of the hour requirements and what categories.


To see the Post License Credit run-down; click on the link shown below.


Lastly, you’ll get a list of the credit hours, date and school who reported them.


Yes, there are a ton of sometimes confusing steps involved, but keeping track of this information is important.  Ensuring that you keep up with your training is solely your responsibility.  Once your license has expired you may not practice real estate, until you have renewed your license.

The following is an except from the Winter 2009 VREB Newsletter:

New salespersons, brokers and education providers
need to know that §54.1-2105.01 of the
Code of Virginia requires all New Real Estate
Salespersons initially licensed by the Virginia
Real Estate Board (the Board) on or after July
1, 2008, complete the 30-hour Post License
Education Curriculum within one year of obtaining
their salesperson license.
If a new salesperson fails to complete the 30-
hour post license education requirement within
one year of initial licensure, then the Board will
place his/her license on “Inactive” status. A
licensee cannot practice real estate in Virginia
with an inactive license. A new salesperson
licensee can activate an inactive license only
by: 1) Completing the 30-hour post license
education requirement; and 2) Filling out and
submitting an “Activate/Transfer Application”
form with a $60 fee to the Board.
New salespersons, brokers and education providers
also need to understand that although
new salespersons must complete the 30-hour
post license education curriculum within one
year of initial licensure, they must then wait
until their first two-year licensure term ends
before they can begin to receive Board credit
for completing continuing education courses.
This is addressed by 18 VAC 135-20-101 of
the Real Estate Board’s Regulations
(Qualifications for Renewal; Continuing Education
Requirements), which states in part: “All
active salespersons… shall be required to complete
a total of 16 instruction hours DURING
must complete the continuing education hours
the LICENSING TERM begins.
Some new salesperson licensees may be inclined
to think that since they completed their
30-hour post license education requirement,
they can then immediately start completing the
16 hours of continuing education that will be
required of them during their second two-year
licensure term. This is not so. New salespersons
will not receive any Board credit for continuing
education courses they complete during
their first two-year licensure term.

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  1. Matthew – Sometimes we get so busy, keeping track of what we have and haven’t taken is easy to forget.
    Appreciate the illustration on how to easily check what’s needed…and the statute outlining requirements.

    Jim Rake’s last blog post..Spend It Well

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