Whatever Happened To Feedback?

“Return with me now to the thrilling days of yesteryear” as the lead line to an old radio show began.  Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with trivia.  That quote was just a lead-in to a subject that deserves a relook.

We have become so dependent on technology that we sometimes forget some basic courtesies.  Have to admit that I am as technology oriented as most but I do not rely on it for all my tasks or chores.

Let’s start with some assumptions.  There are lots of listings and not as many showings as listing agents (possibly save foreclosures or short sales)  would like to see.  Sellers (other than banks/lending institutions) still like to hear feedback on showings of their homes.  Providing feedback to listing agents is, at least, common courtesy.

The other day I called an agent, after having to go to FAAR for a good telephone number since the agent’s number on Kimweb was incorrect, and left a message asking for a return call with feedback.  Am a bit surprised that I have yet to receive a call back. 

What’s wrong?

Am I asking for too much?

Are you too busy to take a few minutes of your time to return a call?

Are you afraid to give me bad news?  Remember, I’m a big boy and have been doing this for more years than I like to admit.

Concerned that I may actually thank you for showing my listing?  I really do appreciate you doing so.

Client have some interest and afraid to indicate such?  Perhaps we can negotiate a sale out of this!

I really can’t figure it out.  Come on folks, give me a hand.

What ever happened to feedback?

8 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Feedback?

  1. As an agent who deals primarily with buyers I believe I can offer some insight into this issue from that perspective. First, let me say that I have no problem providing feedback on a property as long as the listing agent subscribes to a few common courtesies such as:
    1) Call/email within a couple of days of the showing. I’m probably dealing with several buyers and alot of properties and my memory ain’t what it used to be.
    2) I’ll accept one request for feedback. If you email requests for feedback, don’t call and vice versa. If a member of your staff makes feedback calls don’t call me yourself too.
    3) Don’t call my cell phone. Call my office. If I’m not available leave a message because I’m not gonna answer my cell phone if I’m with a client anyway.

    Again, I don’t have a problem providing feedback under those conditions and as long as the listing agent respects MY time. In this market with the great number of available listings it’s rare that I don’t show 7-8 listings to a buyer on an outing and very often will do so for a few buyers within a given week. So the time I have available to provide feedback may not be the most convenient or desirable for the listing agent…but I’ll do my best to get back to you.

  2. Makes sense John. For the most part I underwrite what you have written. The incident to which I was referring was one where I called the agent on the number available from Kimweb. Incidentally, the office shown in Kimweb was incorrect! Called the day after the property was shown. No response two days later. Am sure that you would not be as tardy in returning calls; you are more of a professional than that.

  3. I agree with Ed. Agents who primarily work with sellers realize just how crucial feedback can be to encouraging them to make price adjustments. I prefer to email the MRIS gallery listing directly to the agent in order to refresh their memory of the house, but I’m not getting a lot of response. Thanks to those of you who do provide that courtesy – we need all the support we can get in this market. I also enjoy chatting and sharing insight into our profession with other agents. It creates a connection that may be valuable in future transactions.

  4. Thanks Sandy. You are right about feedback providing an opportunity for dialogue between agents. Sometimes the one or both of the agents are too busy to begin a lengthy conversation and that is understandable. When the occurs it is easy to explain the situation to the other person and they will understand. Not that any of us are overwhelmed with business these days!

  5. I have wondered the same thing.
    I work with sellers and buyers so I understand your points, as well as those made by John.
    I must admit I’m guilty of bombarding a showing agent using any and all possible means to get feedback on our listings (Sorry John).
    1) All of our lock boxes are set to request feedback from showing agents – BTW – I’ve not received ONE feedback response from KIM.
    2) As soon as KIM, or homeowner, notifies me of a showing I email showing agent (usually have to perform internet search for the agent if email address is obviously incorrect) requesting feedback – Subject: Feedback – Property Address/MLS number. (I paste in our Postlet for the property as a reminder.)
    3) Call office phone and leave a message if the phone number is correct
    4) Call any other number I can find

    If I don’t hear back within 2-3 days I assume the agent is too busy, or does not care to respond because, as John pointed out, showing agent has probably forgotten anything they noticed about our listing after 2-3 days.

    On the buyer’s agent side – If requested, I provide feedback on the listings I show. Sometimes I get calls from agent’s staff for feedback weeks after the fact. Honestly, if I’ve already submitted feedback and the second request for feedback comes – I might not respond. I just assume that the right hand does not know what the left hand has accomplished.

  6. Interesting feedback Becky. Yes, there are some obstacles encountered when trying to get in touch with some agents. Nonetheless, I am willing to persevere in my endeavors to get back to homeowners with feedback. We owe them that.
    Having multiple requests for feedback does get old. Oftentimes I mention that too.

  7. I happen to like http://www.HomeFeedback.com. I had far better luck with e-mail feedback requests than any other modality. I hated getting a fax (3 weeks after I showed the property) figuring out which house it was, filling out the form and than standing in front of the fax to return it…. That’s an antiquated time waster. My phone has always rang constantly, so finding the time to call back is challenging as well….again to an agent’s assistant who is asking for feedback from weeks ago.

    Best to send me an e-mail with no more than 5 questions and a picture of the house, so that I can easily recall it.

    (HomeFeedback.com also ties into the Supra system, so it’ll notify you when someone shows your property and makes asking for feedback easy.)

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